Snoopy goes on a world tour of Mcdonald’s

July 10, 2007

The first Snoopy set has released in Thailand in1997.They are Snoopy All Stars set.

4 toys with Snoopy play sport on the top can connect together like jigsaw.


The Snoopy World Tour 1 have launched on 21Aug- 1Sep 1998.Give out 7 Snoopy for week .They featuring 28 designs of Snoopy dressed in different 28 countries costume. This set become one of the most popular Mcdonald’s collectibles with more than 1,000,000 pieces sold in Thailand. They are all sold out in very short time. Mcthai also give special Snoopy house box for collectibles but it is very rare now.


After a year, Mcdonald’s have launched Snoopy World Tour 2 featuring new 28 designs, although they get 12 same countries with the old set but all in new design. They are more colorful than the old one.Also have 4 special handbills in limited edition.



11 Responses to “Snoopy goes on a world tour of Mcdonald’s”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    zijn die snoopy dingen er nog?

  2. wieke Says:

    zijn die snopy dingen er nog zoals die doos

  3. Sheila Vivit Says:

    where i can buy my missing Happy meals of Snoopy?pls. help me to look for it Tnx!

  4. P.H LIM Says:

    Where can i buy the first set of snoopy world tour?
    Recently just collect eleven second hand from the flea market. I am now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hope any buyer in Malaysia can let me know to get these sets.
    Thank you.

  5. irem Says:

    çok güzel ama ne kadar ki bni anlayamazsınız çünkü bn türkçe konuşuyorum

  6. d Says:

    why cant you have them again.

  7. carla Says:

    eu would like buy this colection of snoopy , tell me how.

  8. CECILIA Says:

    Want to sell at RM300 Mcdonalds World Tour Set 2

  9. ilaria Says:

    I would like buy hello kitty make up case anyone sell it?

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