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Nickelodeon (commonly referred to as Nick) is an American cable television network owned by Viacom International.

Nickelodeon South East Asia is a satellite and cable TV channel for children and teenagers.In Thailand,Nickelodeon is available in local cable operator. Also seen via satellite over Thaicom 5 feed.So it should not be popular set for mcdonalds collector here.

8 for set of Nickelodeon

4 toys for great racing fun with this racing wheel.

PATRICK,Tommy Pickles,Nickelodeon Hey Arnolds!,Jimmy Neutron


4 toys

Body,hands and legs can be folded out from head to feature the actual character, after which the head can be used as a little container.This fold out buddy can be used as a keychain too. The clip is removable if not in use.

They are Angelica Pickles,SpongeBob,Helga,Goddard.