New Monster in Town

September 18, 2015

The doors of Hotel Transylvania are now open to human guests and that includes all McD lovers! All your favorite legendary monsters are coming to your Happy Meal box beginning this September 18, 2015.The promotion news that the happymeal toy will be from the upcoming animated feature film Hotel Transylvania 2!.
This is the set for the Sony Pictures  that featured the voice of Adam
Sandler and his actor friends.The cinema will be in the Theater Oct 1 ,2015 in Thailand.
The entire Drac pack will be here! Starting off week 
1. UNCLE FRANK Blobby and Mavis’ favorite

2. MURRAY  the short fat mummy in Egypt style, Dracula’s best buddies
3DENNIS Half human half vampire. He is the adorable son of Johnny & Mavis whose lack of any vampire abilities is worrying our dear Count Dracula. 
4. FRANK MASK This is how Count Drac and his pack try to help Dennis discover his vampire abilities.
5. COUNT DRACULA The Hotel Transylvania owner
6. MAVIS the mommy of their son,Dennis.
7. WAYNE the werewolf , Dracula’s best buddies
8. BLOBBY the green blob monster
Thanks:pic credit from mcdonald’s Thailand and some data from Mcdonald’s Malaysia

Barbie and Hot Wheels 2015

September 9, 2015

happymeal aug 2015

Thailand August Happymeal promotion , Barbie and Hot Wheels toys being offered at the same time, presumably because both items are owned by Mattel. Like Barbie, Hot Wheels have shown up in Happy Meals time and time again.

Barbie Happy Meal playset from McDonalds. There are 2 dolls to collect, a guitar that plays music and a Pink car that Barbies can sit in.The Barbie dolls are  about half the size of a regular Barbie , they have hair that you can brush.

McDonalds Happy Meal Team Hot Wheels 2015 Cars! 4 Cars to collect! Twin Mill, Bone Shaker, Quick ‘N Sik, Rev Rod.The brightly colored plastic 4 cars are each a little different.  Pull the car backward and then let it go to see it zoom away.