The Happy Meal’s first appearance in “Choro Q“, aligns the Choro Q all four with the motif of McDonald’s products and symbol. It is a dream of collaboration, such as love of children, “cheese burger”, “French Fries”, “Happy Meal box” has become Choro Q. Choro Q will be able to play and run in the pullback.

Choro-Q  is a series of Japanese 3–4 cm long toy cars, with coil-spring pullback motors, first made by Takara in 1978, and sold extensively in Western markets as Penny Racers. The name comes from the Japanese word “Choro-choro”which means “dash around” and  “cute” which in its Japanese adaptation is both the aesthetic meaning and also the meaning of petite in size.

The Promotion starts off with everyone’s McDonald’s restaurant in Week 1 followed Week 2 by your little ones favorite red box the Happy Meal Choro-Q.In Week 3 with the Cheese Burger Car.Finally in Week 4, McDonald’s favorite the French Fries Car.


In February Mcdonalds Japan have also launched Happy Meal“’Choro Q ” but 8 cars for the complete series . So cute !!!


The magic of friendship never changes with the Equestria Girls and they are bringing some of this magic to Happy Meal box.

Equestria Girls is the name of a product line associated with Generation 4 of My Little Pony. The product line’s backstory revolves around an alternate world where the characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic appear as humans, with some pony-like features.

Featuring 4  Equestria Girls  with their own glittery comb .

The set starts off with  Apple Jack who believes in honesty  in Week 1. And Week 2 the Twilight Sparkle along with her magical abilities . The  Pinkie Pie joins in Week 3 bringing plenty entertaining party fun along with her!  And kind Fluttershy who is shy but always helpful!  in Week 4.