Due for completion in 2005,Hong Kong Disneyland was the Disney Co.’s second complex in Asia,along with Tokyo Disney. On Sept 2006 ,Mcthai has released the great Disney Characters set to celebrate Hong Kong Disneyland.Like every Disney sets,they were very hot.Mickey and Minnie were sold out in a short time. I love them in first sight.It look very nice ,the quality and finishing of the toys are quite good. The finishes are safe without sharp corner and rough edge.

Each of the toys came with their own card that showing the place in Hong Kong Disneyland. 8 toys for complete set,approx 4.5″.They are the forever famous character in Disneyland Mickey,Minnie, Donald,Buzz lightyear,Pluto,Simba ,Dumbo and Snow White.




CARS,2006 computer-animated comedy from Disney and Pixar.To celebrate the seventh this Disney/Pixar film,Mcdonald’s hit the road with eight colorful cars characters.The movie was in the theater in Thailand on October 5,the toy promotion ran that time till Nov 9.The kids and collectors can receive one of the happymeal toys from the series.

1. Lightning McQueen ; pops a thrilling wheelie when pulled back

2. Mater : freewheeling tow truck with exciting ‘super suspension’ for steering left and right

3. Fillmore : race forward with high-action speed when pulled back

4. Doc Hudson : wound up for adventure – watch him detect a dangerous

edge and make a quick turn just in time

5. Ramone : rounding out this high octane collection,the showroom sports car

with a paint job for every occasion – wind him up to activate his eyecatching hydraulics

6. Sally :raceway-ready with a special switch to steer her left or rightand exciting eye expression.

7. Flo : race forward with high-action speed when pulled back

8. Luigi : features a handy tire crank to send him into gear

The special for this set ,each car has its own unique set of variants.They came with multiple character versions.For example ; Lightning McQueen is available in two body versions,muddy and clean,other cars came with eyes looking left ,up, down or right.Some said that to complete this set ,we have to collect 26 versions.You can see them in the pics below,thanks this wonderful pics from Mr.Somchai collector in Thailand.

CARS might be the last collection set from Mcdonald’s promo with Disney. They have agreed to end their happymeal partnership after long time working together.I hope they will join the business again cause many Disney happymeal sets are very cute.