The Peanuts Plushie Cushion

December 11, 2015

In addition Snoopy Happy Meal toys promotion , but this time in Hong Kong will also introduce more quality premium.

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 One of the more attractive is Snoopy hug Cushion, a total of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and Woodstock four models, buy any food plus $ 40 for redeem. Another  will launch a limited edition package, which in addition to  4 Cushions, but also will include a special edition of flying doghouse and five $ 10 food voucher, simply buy any food  $ 278 to start.


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1993 Mcdonalds Peanuts Plush

November 25, 2015

Welcome the return of The peanut Gangs in Mcdonalds Thailand that coming soon in December. Open my collection box to take the photo of some McDonald’s Peanuts collections.


This set is one of my hard to find toys.Four soft toys, often incomplete: Charlie Brown with a Santa hat; Lucy with a muff; Woodstock with a Xmas hat; and Snoopy with a scarf.  This set was released in Christmas time in Japan (as “Peanuts Soft Toys”) in 1993.


Charlie Brown and Lucy both have soft PVC heads.Both doll stand about 1 feet tall.Each toy has tag with their name on it.They are also released in New Zealand in 1994.

I got this collection from ebay .Very glad to have them all.





SNOOPY is Charlie Brown’s pet dog in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. He can also be found in Charlie Brown movies and television, like The Peanuts Movie. The original drawings of Snoopy were inspired by Spike, one of Schulz’s childhood dogs.

The first Mcdonald’s Snoopy set has released in Thailand in 1997.They are Snoopy All Stars set. 4 toys with Snoopy play sport on the top,they can connect together like jigsaw. This includes Snoopy standing on top with wheels on the base , Snoopy move would show the sport to watch.

DSC00619a copy

1.BASEBALL : on orange base when Snoopy is shifting base to strike a baseball bat.

2.TENNIS : on a green light when Snoopy was shifting base to serve a tennis ball.

3.GOLF : on a medium green when Snoopy was shifted base to hit golf balls into the pit.

4.SOCCER  : on the green to move the ball when it comes to swirl.

DSC00618aa copy DSC00626a copy

Mcdonalds Peanuts

October 28, 2015

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The upcoming set in Mcdonalds Happymeal toys in US is Peanut. Hopefully they will come to Asia next promotion too.This should be great set after Minions.

Snoopy world tour 2 list
 Snoopy world tour is the forever popular set all over the world.
For who that want to collect all,this is Snoopy world tour 2 list,
the name of 28 Snoopy in 28 costumes.
They purchased with Happymeal in Thailand on July 30th – Sept 2nd 1999.
The Snoopy come out 7 Snoopys per week, finished set in 4 weeks.
and one last week for last chance.
The list of all :
Fiji , Ireland, Mexico , Jamica, China, HK, Russia
Venezuela, USA, NZ, Indonesia, Poland, Romania, Trinidad
Macau, Thailand, Yugoslavia, Japan, Australia, Panama, Argentina
Peru, Brazil, Hawaii, Holland, Finland, Korea, Taiwan
They also gave out new collection case,
The Snoopy world tour 1 case
The Snoopy world tour2 case
and new style for carrying case


After the crisis hit in Snoopy world tour and the popular of Kitty plushes ,in 2000 Mcdonalds started offering the 11 inches tall Snoopy plushes.

6 Special Snoopy plushes have started in Thailand on Aug7 .
The lovely Snoopy make everyone love them.

#1 1950 Snoopy have sold out in 3 days!! They are over counter toys that we must purchase with extra value meal
11″ tall and very well made for celebrated 50th year of Snoopy.
They are very great set that very collectible,
6 of them are:
1.1950 Snoopy that wear leather Jacket and Blue Jeans
2.1960 love and peace Snoopy that have glow in the dark lace in his hand
3.1970 sailor Snoopy that have sound
4.1980 Skateboard Snoopy
5.1990 Snowboard Snoopy
6.2000 Space Astronaut Snoopy


Not only plushes but the regular happymeal toys are Snoopy also.


Snoopy is our promotion that started on July 24 in year 2000.The popular of Kittys that hit Mccolletors here make Snoopy start so early.
The eight of Snoopy Parade are for celebrated 50th year of Snoopy.
They are very nice set that can be connected to be a train.
8 of them are:
1. Happy Birthday Snoopy
2.I love USA Snoopy
3. 50th Anniversary
4. Cyber Snoopy
5.Captain Snoopy with Woodstock
6.Friendship Snoopy
7.Jammin Snoopy
8.Journey to Space Snoopy

.This set is started in Thailand first and will go to Japan .

The first Snoopy set has released in Thailand in1997.They are Snoopy All Stars set.

4 toys with Snoopy play sport on the top can connect together like jigsaw.


The Snoopy World Tour 1 have launched on 21Aug- 1Sep 1998.Give out 7 Snoopy for week .They featuring 28 designs of Snoopy dressed in different 28 countries costume. This set become one of the most popular Mcdonald’s collectibles with more than 1,000,000 pieces sold in Thailand. They are all sold out in very short time. Mcthai also give special Snoopy house box for collectibles but it is very rare now.


After a year, Mcdonald’s have launched Snoopy World Tour 2 featuring new 28 designs, although they get 12 same countries with the old set but all in new design. They are more colorful than the old one.Also have 4 special handbills in limited edition.