Panda are back

February 17, 2016


After long promotion of Peanuts in Thailand …welcome back Lovely Panda in March. Details will come soon.


1993 Mcdonalds Peanuts Plush

November 25, 2015

Welcome the return of The peanut Gangs in Mcdonalds Thailand that coming soon in December. Open my collection box to take the photo of some McDonald’s Peanuts collections.


This set is one of my hard to find toys.Four soft toys, often incomplete: Charlie Brown with a Santa hat; Lucy with a muff; Woodstock with a Xmas hat; and Snoopy with a scarf.  This set was released in Christmas time in Japan (as “Peanuts Soft Toys”) in 1993.


Charlie Brown and Lucy both have soft PVC heads.Both doll stand about 1 feet tall.Each toy has tag with their name on it.They are also released in New Zealand in 1994.

I got this collection from ebay .Very glad to have them all.




On 29 November – 26 December 2013 ,McDonald’s favorite Hello Kitty is back again,McDonald’s all over Thailand are selling adorable plush Hello Kitty dolls.The limited edition Hello Kitty Fairy Tales collection features a series of six Hello Kitty characters each decked out in colorful costumes inspired by fairy tale characters. McThai has recently started their “Hello Kitty Fairy Tales” promotion.
Six types of the cute plushies will be sold for 149 bahts  each, with a different doll to be sold each week.
 The Ugly Duckling 
The Frog Prince
 The Wizard of Oz
 The Singing Bone  22:00 to 6:00 pm. At McDonald’s which open 24 hours only
She is my favorite one ^_^

Little Red Riding Hood



“Hello Kitty McDelivery” doll which appears to be based on Kiki from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service.
 AW MDS Leaflet Dec13 T3 Cover
Anyone who orders 100 bahts worth of food or drinks can buy the Hello Kitty plushie of the week.
On Nov 8 ,Mcthai announced for Pre-order in The Kitty Lover Party . A complete set of the six dolls is also available for 1,494 bahts, and  Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Set Book Case available for 2,499 bahts.

On June 12,Dreamworks Animation will release another exciting computer animated comedy call KUNG FU PANDA in Thailand. Po the Panda is the laziest animals in all of the Valley of Peace, but unwittingly becomes the chosen one when enemies threaten their way of life.This will start Kung Fu Panda mcdonald’s promotion on May 30.

This month promotion feature 8 toys and also have special promotion Kung Fu Panda Mcnugget with sushi sauce.The promotion released until July 3 ,2008. I think the toys’ quality are not as good as before but Po is very cute.

1 Po Move Po up and down to hear him say Kung Fu action sounds

2. Master Shifu Wind up to make him walk in different directions

3. Tai Lung Press the button on his back to active kicking action

4. Master Viper Bendy snake toy.

5. Master Tigress Align the arrow on her shoulder and press her down at the waist to make her flip backwards and land on her feet.

6. Master Mantis Press button on his back to move his front legs


7. Master Monkey Press button on his back to spin his staff.

8. Master Crane Press button on his back to move his wings.

Due for completion in 2005,Hong Kong Disneyland was the Disney Co.’s second complex in Asia,along with Tokyo Disney. On Sept 2006 ,Mcthai has released the great Disney Characters set to celebrate Hong Kong Disneyland.Like every Disney sets,they were very hot.Mickey and Minnie were sold out in a short time. I love them in first sight.It look very nice ,the quality and finishing of the toys are quite good. The finishes are safe without sharp corner and rough edge.

Each of the toys came with their own card that showing the place in Hong Kong Disneyland. 8 toys for complete set,approx 4.5″.They are the forever famous character in Disneyland Mickey,Minnie, Donald,Buzz lightyear,Pluto,Simba ,Dumbo and Snow White.

From April 24,2000 came the millennium happymeal promotion, featuring 28 colorful soft beanie toys representing characters from famous Disney movies. Each beanie is approx 4″ tall and has its own tag which include the name and the place in Walt Disney World.

DSC00261a copy

The promotion give out the toys like Snoopy World Tour giving before.7 toys a week and you got a chance in the fifth week for collecting the missing.The toys ran out so fast.This set is also one of the hard completing sets, the condition to purchase is one toy by one happymeal,no extra.

The list of Disney Beanies

Week 1 ( April 24 – 30)

1.Mickey 2. Minnie 3. Donald 4. Pluto 5. Goofy 6. Dale 7. Chip

Week 2 ( May 1 – 7 )

Seven Dwarfs

Week 3 ( May 8 – 14 )

15. Cri-kee 16. Mushu 17. Little Brother 18. Cogsworth 19. Mrs.Potts 20. Jiminey Cricket 21. Pinocchio

Week 4 ( May 15 – 21 )

22. Rajah 23.Abu 24. Iago 25. Lucky 26. Jewel 27. Tic Toc crocodile 28. The Cheshire Cat

Week 5 ( May 22 -28 )  Last chance to collect

The collector can purchase the special fabric hanger , design for this set only.This hanger style is used  again in the 28 Sesame Street beanies Promotion in Mcdonald’s Singapore .

Mckitty Keychains

March 20, 2008


Mckitty Keychains

This is the set that released in Thailand on June 26 2000.The first time for kitty promotion came with happymeal in Mcthai.The keychains are Kitty that wearing different costumes , approx 2.5 ” height and each of them has Mclogo on their dresses.The surface of Kitty dolls are soft velvet covered on hard plastic that made them more cute. The first plush kitty lover set ran the promotion in mcdonald’s the same time with this keychain set.


8 keychains for set

1. Kitty Mcchef
2. Kitty Mccrew
3. Kitty Sport girl
4. Kitty summer beach
5 Kitty Picnic
6. Kitty school uniform
7. Kitty Party
8. Kitty Nightgown

The Kitty set is one of the most popular set of Mcthai in year 2000 .Because of the cute and the lovely of kitty, they ran out very fast and very hard to find complete set now.