Hello Kitty Fan , rejoice! Hello Kitty will also be making an appearance in the rest of Mcdonald’s restaurants in Thailand this month. Starting this Sept 21st and running to Oct 18th ,a pretty cool promotion of Hello Kitty toys and Racing Turbo Car .Available 4 kitty toys and 4 racing cars. This promotion is also available in Malaysia and Japan this time.

Every year since 2000, Mcthai has released Hello Kitty promotion. They are very popular through the kids and the collectors. Last year was very special that they gave out 2 Kitty promotions, Kitty toys and the set of 20 kittybricks. Can’t wait for the cute promotion next year: )

The pic of last year promotion KITTY BRICK



Hello Kitty Hello kitty Image projector, Hello Kitty Magic Viewer, Hello Kitty image Changer and Hello Kitty crayon tracer.

Racing Turbo cars Tiger,Shark,Panther,Eagle .They have their own keys to push the car in race.




On her 2 nd years birthday,My daughter received this ‘Happy Birthday Train’ collection as a present from her beloved grandmother. It was very cute and very playful for a kid. This inspired me to start collecting mcdonalds happymeal toys for my daughter until now.

The ‘Happy Birthday Train’ collection was available in the US during 1st Oct.-1st Dec. 1994. It was available in Thailand in April-June 1995. Unlike the US collection, Cabbage Patch Kids, ET and Looney Tunes were not included in the Thai collection. This is the third collection of happymeal premiums in Thailand. It was designed to celebrate the happymeal’s birthday of its memorable premium over the past 15 years. A variety of Walt Disney and Loony Tunes’ cartoon characters were used in the design for this collection. Each toy set can be connected like a train with a maximum length of 42 inches.

Happy Birthday Happymeal Thailand April – June 1995

Ronald Mcdonald,Happymeal guys,Tonka,Peanuts,Barenstain Bears,Muppet Babies,Little Mermaid,Tiny Toons,Barbies,Hot Wheel,Sonic,101 dalmatians

Tonka is very rare in the market cause none can keep the all pieces together when they are out of the bag,except they are all mint in package.