This month Mcthai released Hello Kitty Boutique collection set ,hoorey! Kitty again.First I think they should have Spiderwick promo cause I saw them in Mcdonalds Singapore website.And the movie is coming in the theater ,beginning on March 13th.But They decide to choose Kitty instead of Spiderwick.The cuteness Kitty set come together with Runabouts car.This also release in Malaysia ,Japan and Hong Kong now.

The pic of Spiderwick promotion in Singapore.
The Kitty set is very trendy and technology.They come with Tiny keycards that limited only in Mcdonalds for Hello Kitty.Each Kitty toy performs special functions when keycards is inserted.
The Runabouts come with decorate stickers and new style for carrying the toys.You can clip the car on your pocket with special clips .Each of them has different actions.
Le Mannequin,Jewel collection,Le Parfum,Le Shopping Sac
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Mckitty Keychains

March 20, 2008


Mckitty Keychains

This is the set that released in Thailand on June 26 2000.The first time for kitty promotion came with happymeal in Mcthai.The keychains are Kitty that wearing different costumes , approx 2.5 ” height and each of them has Mclogo on their dresses.The surface of Kitty dolls are soft velvet covered on hard plastic that made them more cute. The first plush kitty lover set ran the promotion in mcdonald’s the same time with this keychain set.


8 keychains for set

1. Kitty Mcchef
2. Kitty Mccrew
3. Kitty Sport girl
4. Kitty summer beach
5 Kitty Picnic
6. Kitty school uniform
7. Kitty Party
8. Kitty Nightgown

The Kitty set is one of the most popular set of Mcthai in year 2000 .Because of the cute and the lovely of kitty, they ran out very fast and very hard to find complete set now.


Hello kitty lover set

This is the Kitty plush sets from Mcdonalds that came to Thailand again in November 2000.4 Lovely pairs that available for only limited time as a special Promotion for New Year gift. The kitty each is 8 inches tall except Space lover pairs .


The space lover pair have plastic astronaut helmet.All have done with nicely work and very collectible for anybody who love kittys or Mcdonalds.

This is the set that release in Singapore in the past millennium year.But in Singapore they have 6 pairs.Very popular ,you can see the crowd of people in the news.They sold out in only 1 hours and finally Mcdonalds announce not to sell the last one ” Chinese Pair”.They give the vochure for reserve and give the last pair in July.

Last year Mcthai didn’t release any mccharacter set for collector in Thailand.I didn’t understand why they stopped giving them cause they are original mcdonalds toys and most of them are very nice and cute set.
From all of their mccharacter sets , I think Mcchef ,that purchased with happymeal in Thailand on July 2nd- 29th 1999, is my favorite.They are very fantastic and big with the fun mechanic action toys.
Every toys are wound up actions but very different when they came out and all of them wearing in chef costume,that’s very cute.
1. Ronald : inside a happymeal box approx 4″ when the box opened ,he spinned out.
2. Grimace : inside 4″ Milkshake and he waddled when the shake cup opened.
3. Birdie : inside 3″ French fries bag ,she zoomed out when pushed the yellow button on the top of the toy.
4. Hamburglar : inside a approx 3.5″ hamburger,when wound up,the hamburger is opened and he crawled out, very lovely.
But this set would have a problem with the mechanic if you played them for long time ,they should be very hard to moving outside the box.

Snoopy world tour 2 list
 Snoopy world tour is the forever popular set all over the world.
For who that want to collect all,this is Snoopy world tour 2 list,
the name of 28 Snoopy in 28 costumes.
They purchased with Happymeal in Thailand on July 30th – Sept 2nd 1999.
The Snoopy come out 7 Snoopys per week, finished set in 4 weeks.
and one last week for last chance.
The list of all :
Fiji , Ireland, Mexico , Jamica, China, HK, Russia
Venezuela, USA, NZ, Indonesia, Poland, Romania, Trinidad
Macau, Thailand, Yugoslavia, Japan, Australia, Panama, Argentina
Peru, Brazil, Hawaii, Holland, Finland, Korea, Taiwan
They also gave out new collection case,
The Snoopy world tour 1 case
The Snoopy world tour2 case
and new style for carrying case
Let the good times roll! From high fashion to high speeds, McDonald’s Happy Meals.
My Scene is a line of fashion dolls introduced by Mattel in 2002. Produced to rival MGA’s BRATZ and maybe to replace the Teen Skipper Line or the Generation girl Line, the series has branched out into a popular ten-doll collection that is still in production today.

Hot Wheels is a brand of die cast toy car, introduced by American toymaker Mattel in 1968. It was the primary competitor of Johnny lightning and Matchbox until 1996, when Mattel acquired rights to the Matchbox brand from Tyco.

Beginning Febrauary 15 ,2008 through March 20, 2008,young guests will receive one of four My Scene-inspired toys including three dolls and one fashionable friendship bracelet, or one of four exclusive Hot Wheels Stunt Strikers with the purchase of a Happy Meal

Showing off their moves in McDonald’s Happy Meals are the My Scene friends –
Kennedy, Chelsea and Nolee sporting roller disco gear complete with fashionable roller skates with rolling wheels. Rounding out this trendy collection are friendship bracelet to wear and share with friends.
Kennedy – Featuring bright red skates that roll and a matching skirt, Kennedy is ready to go! For added fun, remove Kennedy’s helmet to style her long, blonde hair.

Chelsea Chelsea sports a cropped green jacket, a star-studded helmet and skates that roll.Change her pose and style her hair for a fun new look.


Wear and Share Star Toy Bracelet – Let your star shine bright! This two-bracelet set is
adorned with stars and connects together to form one high-style bracelet.

Nolee Nolee looks sporty, yet glamorous, in her retro purple skirt, blue jacket and skates that roll. Her long black hair looks great beneath her bright blue helmet.

Changing speeds, McDonald’s action-packed Hot Wheels Stunt Striker team features four
revved-up roadsters available exclusively in McDonald’s Happy Meals.
Nothing gets in the way of T-REX. This silver and black truck
features oversized wheels and translucent red windows.
This silver and black motorbike is ready for anything. A sticker sheet
featuring blue and red flames lets young guests add their own finishing touches.

A fixture on the racetrack, this yellow die-cast racecar is built for speed. Custom stickers add fun and flare to this high-octane racer.


Double Shotz

This low-riding car features a cool translucent black canopy and hot stamped wheels. For added playtime fun, gray flame stickers are included to customize the black and red die-cast car.

This Happymeal toy set has came to Mcdonalds America on September28 – October 25 2007 . But they gave out more toys and the names are different.T-rex ,Vdrop and Double Shotz are called Ram Slammer,Ram Hammer and Thunder Blade.

My scene had Madison and more Bracelets style.

My scene and Hot Wheel in America

mcd_07_barbie.jpg mcd_07_hotwheels.jpg


Every year ,the ever-popular Hello Kitty is back at McDonald’s, 2005 as four cute stationery collectibles resembling pretty make-up items. And she’s accompanied by four Sanrio Shinkansen characters, modelled after Japan’s bullet train.

Starting March 24, McDonald’s offered a Hello Kitty or Shinkansen collectible with every McDonald’s Happy Meal purchase. There are eight items to collect – the Hello Kitty Nail Polish Stamper, Lipstick Pen, Compact Memo Kit and Make Up Case as well as four different Shinkansen trains – Hikar, Komachi, Nozomi and Max Yamabiko.



Make Hello Kitty stamp imprints with the Nail Polish Stamper, which looks like a nail polish bottle. Turn the top of the Stamper to switch between red and blue stamps. The Hello Kitty Lipstick Pen looks like a tiny lipstick on a key ring. Twist the “lipstick” and it turns into a pen and dispenses Hello Kitty stickers.

Shaped like Hello Kitty’s face, the Hello Kitty Compact Memo Kit combines the functions of a compact mirror and a memo kit. Open it to find a vanity mirror, note pads and a crayon for making tiny notes. Pretty in pink, translucent shimmering plastic, the Hello Kitty Make Up Case is adorned with a Hello Kitty clasp and can double as a handbag and container for the other collectibles.


The adorable Shinkansen trains come in four designs and functions. When wound up, Hikar stops in-between movement to mimic train stops, and Komachi speeds off like a bullet. Nozomi randomly moves left or right, while Max Yamabiko travels in circles. Collect all four to form a mega train set, which can move in different ways, depending on which train is placed in front.