Mcdonalds Hello Kitty Lover set

March 12, 2008


Hello kitty lover set

This is the Kitty plush sets from Mcdonalds that came to Thailand again in November 2000.4 Lovely pairs that available for only limited time as a special Promotion for New Year gift. The kitty each is 8 inches tall except Space lover pairs .


The space lover pair have plastic astronaut helmet.All have done with nicely work and very collectible for anybody who love kittys or Mcdonalds.

This is the set that release in Singapore in the past millennium year.But in Singapore they have 6 pairs.Very popular ,you can see the crowd of people in the news.They sold out in only 1 hours and finally Mcdonalds announce not to sell the last one ” Chinese Pair”.They give the vochure for reserve and give the last pair in July.


10 Responses to “Mcdonalds Hello Kitty Lover set”

  1. Wow! That is total madness! One of my friends came back from Taiwan and she had to bribe her brother so that I could have one pair of the Japanese Wedding kitties. She told e her brother stood in line for hours… I guess she was not joking.

    • Kitties_need_a_home Says:

      I am relocating and decided to part with my collection: six pairs, in good condition with original package (the one in space gear still in clear color).

      I do not wish to sell separately nor make a profit out of it.

      However, I bought them at a price (without queuing).

      To genuine buyer/collector, please email for more details.

      Meow, me.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Please can you tell me if these are still available and if so, what is the cost (& the cost of postage). We live in the UK.
    Thank you.

  3. Kittie_need_a_home Says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Thailand – 4 pairs, Taiwan – 5 pairs and Singapore(multi racial country) – 6 pairs.
    I have 6 pairs in good condition.

    As I assume you are genuinely interested, I have took out one to snap and let you see how good condition it still is after 10 years! (Yes, I’m very proud)……
    I just realise that I cannot attached my picture, sorry.

    Not sure is direct email acceptable here:

    I do not wish to sell separately. If you are still keen, let me know before I find out the cheapest delivery options.

  4. Stacy Holder Says:


    Have you sold these yet? If no, how much?

  5. lex Says:

    Omg i ❤ hello kitty if u like hello kitty and pez try and search hello kitty they have really good deals and they r also selling her friends Chococat, Kuririn, Usahana and My Melody!

  6. Lex Says:

    my fave pair of hello kitty thailand toys is the chinese wedding what about u guys? ; P

  7. Anonymous Says:


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