1998 Fly me to the moon

October 23, 2015

mc003mcspace (1)
Originally released in May 1998, it’s hard to forget this set, as there were few things more awesome for Happy Meal toys at the time .This is a set of 4 Space Ship components, along with their corresponding McDonald Characters.It comprises four toys which connect together to make a big silver rocket ship with all 4 characters fitting inside, each of them is quite big. When we complete collection and connect  the four toys from Mcspace Happy Meal,we can build our very own 15 inch tall “SPACESHIP.”


98Mcspace copy

Thailand Happy Meal box for this collection

After  the design idea for this set, Mcdonalds has given assemble toys that we can build new item from complete collection such as Mckit , Mcshoe. The last set that I can remember is Mcboat in 2002 and no connectable toys anymore.
To complete SPACESHIP ,we must have these item
1.Birdie’s Moon Buggy,
2.Grimace’s Explorer Spacesuit,
3.Hamburglar & His Alien Friends
4.Ronald’s Astro Repair Unit.
this pic via ebay
Last year Mcthai didn’t release any mccharacter set for collector in Thailand.I didn’t understand why they stopped giving them cause they are original mcdonalds toys and most of them are very nice and cute set.
From all of their mccharacter sets , I think Mcchef ,that purchased with happymeal in Thailand on July 2nd- 29th 1999, is my favorite.They are very fantastic and big with the fun mechanic action toys.
Every toys are wound up actions but very different when they came out and all of them wearing in chef costume,that’s very cute.
1. Ronald : inside a happymeal box approx 4″ when the box opened ,he spinned out.
2. Grimace : inside 4″ Milkshake and he waddled when the shake cup opened.
3. Birdie : inside 3″ French fries bag ,she zoomed out when pushed the yellow button on the top of the toy.
4. Hamburglar : inside a approx 3.5″ hamburger,when wound up,the hamburger is opened and he crawled out, very lovely.
But this set would have a problem with the mechanic if you played them for long time ,they should be very hard to moving outside the box.